Voted Best Waxing since 2014


You and your skin will appreciate our specialized waxing techniques, range of waxes, and pampering.  We carefully analyze each client’s skin texture, hair, and sensitivity, to determine which wax and technique is best, and we only use premium hard and strip waxes that are comprised of antioxidants, organic essential oils, myca, and titanium dioxide (to soothe the skin). ​You’ll feel the difference.


Female Waxing
Brazilian $75
Bikini Line $60
Bum Strip $40
Bum Cheeks $45
Inner Thigh $40
Navel Line $20
Lower Back $50
Under Arms $30


Cheeks Face $50
Side Burns $30
Chin $25
Upper Lip $20
Lower Lip$15
Hairline $20
Neck $30
Nose $20


"Quality not quantity is what I offer and you get me every time. I traveled the globe to perfect my techniques and master the "art of waxing".  And I'll never do a Brazilian and an Eyebrow in 15 minutes like the franchises. You do get what you pay for and my clients know and appreciate the difference. I promise once you experience my techniques and waxes, you'll be hooked."


-DeeLisa, Owner 

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I miss some classes?

You are always free to clear any doubts during anytime of the course. If you would like to make up missed classes in the next round, please contact us on info@oneyoga-studio.com. There is an admin fee of $2000/day if you want to do make up class in next batch.

What happens if I have emergency business trip that I may not able to attend the course?

With an additional admin fee, you may join make up classes in our next round of training, subject to availability. However, the tuition fee is non refundable and non transferable.

I am beginner to yoga, am I still able to take teacher training?

This teacher training is not just limited to students who want to become yoga teacher. It is open to anyone who would like to know more about the history and philosophy of yoga. So yes! if you are beginner, it is also ok to join us:)