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Meet DeeLisa

DeeLisa Sacco, owner of The Palm Beach Wax Studio is a CME, LE, Certified Trainer/Stylist for 5 Lash Lift Brands. But Exclusively uses Lift JuJu™. Lift JuJu™ is DeeLisas dream lash lift & brow lamination creation. It's a superior product to any on the market, a vegan keratin system that nourishes hairs at the core thickening, lengthening & conditioning them with clinically & scientifically proven ingredients. Hairs are instantly and weekly becoming healthier after the lift/lamination. She has written, photographed and videotaped everything for the training of Lift JuJu™ and only sells her product to professionals that  invest in the training.

 With  years of advanced training in skin care & resurfacing treatments, your skincare needs are always a priority with any treatment. 


Years ago, after having a bad waxing experience that left her skin bruised, torn and bleeding, DeeLisa decided that the industry needed "Master Wax Aestheticians" and opened The Palm Beach Wax Studio in 2010. She is proud of her proprietary techniques, her luxurious waxes and her raving clients. Today waxing is limited services, some for existing clients only due to the demand for lifts, brows and skincare as well as the toll physically on her body. 

DeeLisa offers a variety of services, Lash Lifts and Tint, Brow lamination, Brow Design and Tint/Dye, Skincare, Dermaplanning, Microdermabrasion and luxurious facials and peels.

Each of DeeLisa's skincare treatments are completely customized for every individual. She uses only the highest quality products that work at a medical, or "cellular," level to achieve beautiful, long-lasting results.

Skincare | Palm Beach Gardens

"My specialty is more than resurfacing treatments; it's knowing how to combine modalities and protocols like a chemist. Today's clients are more informed than ever and they want results."

— DeeLisa

Some of DeeLisa's own creations include Tribrasion, The Palm Beach Potion, and the wildly popular HIGH BROW Treatment. DeeLisa is a testament to her belief that beautiful, glowing, healthy skin can make anyone look and feel beautiful and youthful at any age.

As time goes on, DeeLisa continues to add trending services, like the ever popular Lash Lift and Tint & Brow Lamination/ Brow Lift, Certified Trainer Stylist for Ser Beya, Elleebana Evolve & SugarLashPro. She now offers both hands-on and online training courses to other beauty professionals.

For years, she has collaborated with Dermatologists, Ophthalmologists & plastic surgeons.  for services their patients need. 

“DeeLisa helps people dramatically improve their facial skin texture. Patients I refer to her are always telling me how wonderful she is at what she does and as a person in general. Our collaboration works so well because she really understands my ‘Triad of Aging.’  I trust her with my patients and my family.”

— Dr. Azzi  Board CertifiedPlastic Surgeon

DeeLisa believes that her success is based on her expert technique, personalized service, and incredible results. Palm Beach Wax Studio is NOT a franchise and DeeLisa’s clients can feel the difference.



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