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As a Certified medical, Licensed Aesthetician, DeeLisa's specialty is combining modalities and products for optimum results. It's like being a skin chemist. She uses only medical grade and cosmeceuticals (practice with a doctor, Dr. Jean Paul Azzi Plastic Surgeon); this means they work on living tissue and at a cellular level. DeeLisa has years of skincare treatments, product and ingredient experience and training, and she continues to do monthly educational training because she believes it is the only way to remain knowledgeable in the ever changing world of skincare ingredients and treatments.


Don't trust your face to just anyone; it takes years of experience with all skin types and conditions to confidently treat someones skin.  Dr. Azzi can can rid you of deep wrinkles and loose skin; but, DeeLisa’s skin treatments change the skin's texture and give you a gorgeous complexion.  Anything from advanced wrinkles, pigmentation, photo damage, roscea and acne can be greatly improved.  DeeLisa knows what to do for every skin condition and gets optimal results with the products she chooses to use on your skin and your home care regime.

Everyone wants lasting, radiant, glowing, healthy, clear skin and my treatments are the pathway to this rejuvenation.


Skincare Services


Relax while your face is treated to the care it needs. Deep cleanse, detoxify, nourish, rebalance and hydrate, all customized for your skin type and needs.



Diamond Wand: Face & Neck. Microdermabrasion is a manual exfoliation treatment and perfect for the sun lover. SPF is a must; but, no down time, no missing golf or tennis, plus the diamond wand allows the eye area to be treated as well.



Recommended for changing skin conditions: fine lines, pigmentation, acne etc. Consists of 4 once-a-week and every-other-week for the last 2. Maintenance is once every 4-6 weeks.



Females only. This is a form of exfoliation of the skin using a scalpel. Very beneficial for clients that aren't candidates for microdermabrasion. Excellent as a stand alone or add-on. Skin accepts serums and hydration more quickly and visibly. Once a month isn't too frequent. $90 as an add-on to other service.



Face/Neck. Customized just for your skin's needs. This is where I can really help with specific skin issues: wrinkles, pigmentation, dehydration, rosacea, acne and more. Downtime: up to 1 week or more.


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Face/Neck Customized clinical and luxurious. Deep cleanse, detoxify, nourish, rebalance & hydrate. Lasting results- involve deep cleanings, polishing, extractions, masques, nourishment as needed with medical grade skincare products, massage to enhance circulation and oxygen to the skin. If needed chemical/enzyme peel.



Face/neck. Includes micro to remove dead skin cells, gentle chemical peel to help loosen clogged pores. Non-irritating, painless extractions via microvacuum to clean pores and an abundance of hydration using stemcell serums and hyaluronic acid. Can be done every month or a few times a year .



4 treatments: face, neck and decollete. This treatment is done over a four week period with no visible down time (no sun for 36 hours after each treatment), just visible results. DeeLisa created this for a celebrity client who affectionately named it the "Palm Beach Potion." It is 3 micros each with a chemical peel and 1 micro with the SO02 treatment. It is very individualized with extremely effective products and lasting results.



We often forget they show our age, too!


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* DeeLisas own creations that made it onto the service menu due to their results and popularity.

If your require, injections, fillers, deep peels or surgery, Dr. Jean Paul Azzi employs the most advanced procedures and techniques available for facial plastic surgery (only 6 surgeons are trained in the techniques he specializes in). Example: No forehead scars for a Brow Lift.  Your face should be in the best care and hands available always.

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