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Why Choose Palm Beach Wax Studio over Franchises?

Choosing Palm Beach Wax Studio & Skincare instead of a waxing franchise is like having a concierge doctor instead of going to a walk-in clinic. Here are a few examples:

You know who you’re getting

At Palm Beach Wax Studio & Skincare, you are always taken care of by me, DeeLisa, the owner & Licensed Medical Aesthetician. Est. 2009

Franchises have large staff and constant turn over.

Being Licensed Isn’t Enough to Ensure a Great Waxing

I was personally waxed by an aesthetician with several years in the industry but not enough waxing experience. She left me not only bloody but bruised. After that, I traveled all over the country to train with waxing experts, hands-on, learning techniques and knowledge of different waxes. It then took a lot of experience with many different types of clients to feel I had perfected my techniques. Today, as a Master Wax Aesthetician, I have my own proprietary waxing techniques for the comfort of my clients.

At a franchise, waxing techs may have only 2 weeks of training, be right out of school, and zero years of experience.

One Wax is Not for Everyone

I employ four different waxes to provide my clients with customized waxing based on their individual skin type, hair texture, and body part being waxed. Thus, no hair breakage or ingrown hairs.

Most franchises use only one wax with frequent hair breakage, breakouts, and ingrowns.

Great Waxing isn’t Cheap & Cheap Waxing isn’t Great

My customized waxing is what my particular clients are looking for, are used to, expect, and appreciate.

Franchises may offer free to 50% off 1st time clients. No one can afford to work or pay others to work free/cheap - so staff is forced to push. More below.

Customized Quality Waxing

Providing superior hair removal via customized waxing as pleasantly as possible for lasting results with each service every time is all I have to do. 99% of my clients say it’s the most painless waxing - from brows to Brazilians - they’ve ever had.

At franchises, waxers are trained to do as many services (wax fast) as possible per appointment, up sell more services at time of appointment while pushing wax packages and products at the same time.

I can do a Brazilian in 15 minutes (probably less) but 30 minutes is automatically blocked. I can do an eyebrow in 10 minutes, but 30 minutes is automatically blocked. That being said, I will take even longer on the 1st visit if needed. I can wax a man's back in 6 minutes (I’ve been timed a few times). Again, 30 minutes is automatically blocked.

Quality Over Quantity

It’s my motto. As a small business owner, I am proud of my services, love what I do, and most importantly, I am so blessed to have the most wonderful clients that support me and my business.

I hope this encourages you to book an appointment with me to experience customized waxing for yourself. Click here to book.


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