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Skincare Guide for Acne Prone Skin

If you have oily skin and you're prone to breakouts, a good acne skincare regimen is essential to preventing breakouts, removing excess oil, keeping pores clear, and healing existing blemishes.

As a licensed Paramedical Aesthetician and licensed facial specialist with years of advanced training, DeeLisa Sacco, owner of Palm Beach Wax Studio, is just the person to answer some of the most commonly asked acne skincare questions.

What are the best topical treatments for acne?

Retin A is one of the most effective products 'still' treating acne.  It does require a prescription, but has multiple benefits.  Next, a great ingredient to look for in a topical treatment is salicylic acid; this beta hydroxy is oil soluble and great for oiliness that often accompanies acne.  Retin A and salicylic acid work well together. The goal is to keep the oil, debris, and dead skin cells from forming a barrier that contributes to clogged pores.

Should a person with acne exfoliate?

"I don’t advocate scrubs because they can spread the bacteria and many people tend to over scrub.  If using Retin A and/or salicylic acid, that’s all the exfoliation needed."

Is chemical or physical exfoliation better?

"I prefer chemical if I can only do one or the other. However, I’ve had wonderful results combining both. First, a microdermabrasion and then a chemical peel with the combination of salicylic, glycolic, and lactic acid is my go-to dual treatment."

What are facials and do they work for acne?

"A facial consists of cleansing, extractions, masks and often much needed hydration using a combination of products that will help heal and clear the skin.  Sometimes pores really need professional extractions, especially for blackheads so those pores don’t continue to stay enlarged."

What's the importance of a facial moisturizer for acne?

"Moisturizer is one of the most important and difficult products to get a client/patient to use. Most think because their skin is oily they don’t need to moisturize. But in fact, the lack of moisture causes the body to produce more oil.  The right moisturizer helps regulate oil production. Hylauronic acid is the #1 hydrator without being oily."

What's the importance of a facial cleanser for acne?

"Cleansing the skin without stripping it is the goal.  Again, a cleanser with salicylic and/or combination with glycolic acid will help with oil production, spreading of bacteria, and will keep the pores clean of everyday debris mixed with the body’s oil."

What's the importance of a facial toner for acne?

"A toner maintains/rebalances the skin's PH and it’s a final cleansing too."

Sunscreen can prevent skin damage. How does a person with acne choose a sunscreen?

"Choose only an oil-free SPF.  It’s so important to protect the skin from all the negative effects of the sun without aggravating the skin."

How long will it take for a skincare routine to be effective?

"One of the most important things is to stay on a regime for at least 3-6 months.  It usually gets worse before it gets better. If my client won’t commit to that, then I prefer not to treat them.  Many people with problematic skin (I know I was one) want instant results and jump from product to product which makes the problem worse because the skin is always reacting instead of adjusting & regulating."


Bottom line: Don't trust your face to just anyone. It takes years of experience with all skin types and conditions to confidently and effectively treat someone's skin. DeeLisa’s customized skincare treatments visibly change the skin's texture and leave you with a gorgeous complexion.  She can greatly improve anything from advanced wrinkles to pigmentation, photo damage, rosacea, acne, and more.  DeeLisa knows what to do for every skin condition and gets optimal results with the products she chooses to use on your skin and your home care regime.

If you’d like to book a skincare appointment with DeeLisa in Palm Beach Gardens, click here.


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