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Lift JuJu™ Lash Lift & Brow Lamination

Lift JuJu™ is a vegan keratin Cysteamine system for Lash Lifts and Brow Lamination created with my standards and philosophy in every solution and method of treatments. Uniquely formulated for the health of hair like no other product on the market. Hairs are healthier after the treatments than before. With proprietary ingredients that are clinically and scientifically proven to: thicken, lengthen and condition hairs at the core. These peptides, amino acids, keratins are introduced through the cuticle during the step when hairs are dehydrated and 100% ready to absorb what is applied next. Lift JuJu™ does this with the help of RELAX step 1, and penetrate before the hairs are SEALed neutralized. leaving the hairs visibly smooth and shiny, this isn't applied after neutralizing so all the benefits of TLC are lasting over the weeks to come and can't be washed off/out like other brands. After years of lash lifting (certified to train for 5 other brands) I had experienced enough hair long term to know a Cysteamine system was the key for the future of the industry as well as clients desires for vegan products. I just never saw a product that people had consistent results with and that worked on every hair type; I did Not want 2 different products. So, with a great formulator that understood my goals and the most ingredient/hair knowledge I've ever met, Lift JuJu™ was created. It works on every hair type (lashes & brows) and is so nourishing home care isn't necessary, that's right hairs don't require conditioning at home. If beautiful lifts and lamination are what you're seeking but the health of hair is just as important look no further.


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