purHENNA® | Brow Henna | BLACK

purHENNA® | Brow Henna | BLACK

SKU: SQ27723

purHENNA®’s innovative Brow Henna formula helps to strengthen eyebrow hair, promote hair growth and restore the natural shape of the eyebrows. Our brilliant black henna is used to create the ultimate brow definition for your client. purHENNA® has worked for years to source the best suppliers of high-quality henna plants for the manufacturing process that maintains the integrity of the color. Bold black is for clients with naturally dark hair or skin tones, or for those who desire the ultimate definition.


purHENNA® Brow Henna Black eyebrow tinting works like a protective coating over the hair and the hair shaft. This creates a buffing of hair imperfections to give the appearance of a thicker, softer, and smoother eyebrow.




*purHENNA® is a natural-based eyebrow tint for hair - so we can not guarantee skin stain results on all skin types. Results can also vary from 2 - 14 days depending on skin type and color used.

  • Product benefits

    • Nearly 100 applications per multi-use bottle
    • Gentle formula, safe for sensitive skin
    • Hair tinting results that last up to 6 weeks
    • Tattoo-effect results that last up to 2 weeks
    • Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia-free
    • Vegan and Cruelty-free
  • Product specs

    • Multi-use bottle;
    • 20ml —  over 100 applications;
    • Contains no ammonia or hydrogen peroxide;
    • Vegan and Cruelty-free.