InLei® TEDDIES silicone brushes

InLei® TEDDIES silicone brushes


High-quality silicone brushes/wands to comb eyelash extensions and natural eyelashes or eyebrows. They can be used as a free gift for clients after the treatments.


InLei® TEDDIES brushes are special disposable tools specifically designed for lash stylists and brow artists all over the world. They are part of the basic equipment of beauty industry professionals!


- Perfect to comb eyelash extensions during the application and to shape lashes at the end of the treatment

- Great to apply InLei® Mister Fix glue during the Brow Bomber (eyebrows lamination) treatment

- Ideal to apply InLei® Fashion Lash on natural lashes after the Lash Filler treatment and on eyebrows after Brow Bomber treatment. It allows you to replace the brush supplied in the original packaging so you can apply the product in a more hygienic way to each customer.


Once the treatment is finished, you can give the brush to the client so that she can comb her amazing lashes/eyebrows at home.