InLei® | Silicone Shields | 'ONE'

InLei® | Silicone Shields | 'ONE'


The Best Lash Lift Rods on the Market!


Giving your client a lash lift or perm requires the right tools. To create the perfect curl, it is important to have the right size. The lashes should only extend slightly across the halfway mark with the tips covering the two-thirds point.


InLei® ONE - silicone rods are the best lash lift rods available on the market! These easy-to-use silicone rods are sanitizable and reusable, they easily keep their shape to be used again and again. They are easy for the beauty professional to use when lifting or perming lashes. The flexible silicone makes it easy to apply to any eye shape. The silicone rods are lightweight and flexible, making them comfortable on the client’s eyes during the procedure and their beautiful shape creates the perfect curl and lift. Each box of InLei® 'ONE' silicone rods includes six pairs of a single size or our combo-pack includes one pair of each size.



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    Made In Italy
    Easy to use
    PLATINIC silicone (one of a kind), autoclavable

    * Tip - In the correct choice of the curl we have to remember that, during positioning, the eyelashes must exceed half of the curler (for horizontal) but the tips must not reach or even exceed the fold of the same.

    If you see a 1 next to the size it will give a more natural look, sizes without the 1 give a more dolly, pronounced curl!

    Keep all of the right sizes on hand to accommodate all of your clients’ lashes. Shop our entire line today!