InLei® | Pads | Black

InLei® | Pads | Black

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We have all been are in the middle of performing your lash magic and the corners of your eyepatch just won't stop lifting! So frustrating!


InLei® Pads are made of silicone which allows the eyepatch to stick better to your clients' skin. No more dealing with uncooperative eyepatches!


The patches are also re-usable saving you money per cost of treatment!


TOP TIP! To disinfect using InLei® F plus for best results.

InLei® Re-usable Pads available in WHITE and BLACK colors

InLei® Black pads will help you see those invisible blonde hairs!

  • Product details

    • Made of reusable silicone
    • Latex-free
    • Suitable for autoclave sterilisation
    • Classic Black color