InLei® | lash filler & tint | kit

InLei® | lash filler & tint | kit

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You know what's sucky about regular lift kits? They only lift your lashes: The lash filler is a revolutionary process that thickens the lashes from the root! NOT ONLY THAT but this kit also comes with TINT! that's correct, no longer do you need to search for the right tint for your lash clients. InLei® tint coloring is designed to get the maximum results when used with InLei®'s lash filler, lift and brow bomber brow lamination.

  • Product Info

    The InLei® lash filler Kit gives you everything you need to lift eyelashes right from the roots and make them longer and 24% thicker with our revolutionary formula.

    This kit is suitable for both short and long eyelashes. The InLei® lash filler + tint kit gives long-lasting results up to the life of your lashes.

    InLei® lash lift products are the only products in the world clinically tested for their effectiveness in thickening hair, which increases on average by 24% in just three sessions.