InLei® | Fillering Tool

InLei® | Fillering Tool

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Isolate and separate any lash lift with this Inlei® beauty supply product!

InLei® Fillering Tool is two precision's separating and fillering points. Lash lifts take a high amount of attention to detail, concentration and skill! Take your skills to the next level with this InLei® tool, the lash lifting isolator tool! 

•    Expertly lifts and separates lashes;
•    Gives the best lashes in client lash lifts;
•    Made In Italy 
•    Compact size. Length is 136mm, 5.3 inches

In the beauty space, lash lifts are not uncommon, but a great lash lift is! Give your clients the leading lash lift that better separates and lifts lashes for the best end result! This tool pairs perfectly with other InLei® lash lift and filler products and is compact enough to take with you on the go!