InLei® | brow lamination | conversion course

InLei® | brow lamination | conversion course


Do you already laminate brows but want to use the best products on the market? Inlei® 's revolutionary brow bomber conversion will help you move to the next level in brow shaping and lamination.


MAB now offers a conversion course! Purchase your training now and WOW your clients with InLei® brow bomber. 


Eligible Students: To complete this course, the student will need to have pre-existing knowledge and understanding of the brow lamination application and process. They will need to have trained with another brand or training facility (provide certificate) and have a well-developed sense of the following: 


• Eye anatomy

• Hair and brow structure.

• Client/technician well being and self-care

• Health, safety, and sanitation

• Eye shapes and face considerations when performing a brow service.


 The student will receive:


  • InLei® 4ml lift 1 
  • InLei® 4ml lock 2
  • InLei® 4ml brow bomber 3
  • InLei® mister fix
  • InLei® f-brush
  • InLei® brow bomber certificate


*If you do not feel confident or qualified and/or do not meet these requirements, please do not purchase this course. You can be fully trained with our complete online brow lamination course. to buy the entire InLei® brow bomber Full online course.