InLei® | brow bomber lamination | premium kit

InLei® | brow bomber lamination | premium kit

SKU: SQ15762

InLei® brow bomber lamination premium kit has it all!! Make every brow lamination become a brow treatment, nourishing your client's brows with each treatment.


InLei® brow bomber lamination is formulated specifically for brow hairs. Each treatment gives the perfect lifted brows during the nourishing & conditioning treatment. InLei® Italian born and created has again achieved new heights with this brow lamination treatment!  Forget your previous perceptions about brow treatment irritation and follicle damage due to harsh and unknown chemical sources.  


 InLei® proudly displays the MADE IN ITALY® trademark. Representing the nation's dedication to perfection in excellence in each product exported into the world. The purest ingredients using leading chemists to create the world's best lash and brow treatment services. 

  • This kit includes

    InLei® Brow Lift 1
    InLei® Brow Lock 2
    InLei® Brow Butter 3
    InLei® Fixing Gel
    InLei® Saline Pre-treatment
    InLei® L Brush
    InLei® Mousse Cleanser
    InLei® F-Brushes

    InLei ® Tweezers
    MAB Eyebrow thread